Forking and integration tests

Hi All,

I had a bug in one project, that data get duplicated in the DB due to
multiple instances of the application (multiple thins) are accessing the
DB at the same time … The typical mistake.

Problem fixed.

I just need to write a test code that covers the fixed bug.

I need to simulate the concurrent requests that can result in the
original bug. I thought of many ideas and decided to go with forking 2
or more processes (from within the test code) in which I issue a get
request to my controller-action.

Setup: MySQL DB, Rails 2.3.5, Ruby 1.9.1, Shoulda and FactoryGirl.

Unfortunately this test code doesn’t do the trick.

When I try to remove_connection before forking and then
establish_connection inside the children processes, I don’t find data
when asserting.

When trying to use the same connection among the parent process and its
children, I get into a total mess (due to concurrent access to the db

Sample errors from different runs:
The famous “MySQL has gone away”
Some other times it work perfectly!
“Mysql::Error: SAVEPOINT active_record_1 does not exist”
“undefined method all_hashes for nil:NilClass”

I know that I have so many issues to handle here: concurrency safety,
blocking DB adapter, the nature of the testing environment…etc

But, is there another approach to handle it?
What is the best practice of testing code for concurrency?

I know that u may need more details or code sample … but I’m trying to
think of the concept itself.

Sorry for the long message.

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