ForkAndReturn 0.1.1

ForkAndReturn 0.1.1 is released.

ForkAndReturn implements a couple of methods that simplify
running a block of code in a subprocess. The result (Ruby
object or exception) of the block will be available in the
parent process.

ForkAndReturn also enriches Enumerable with a couple of methods
(e.g. Enumerable#concurrent_collect()), in order to simplify
the concurrent execution of a block for a collection of objects.


Erik V. -

0.1.1 (19-07-2008)

  • Added example.txt.

  • at_exit blocks defined in the child itself will be executed
    in the child, whereas at_exit blocks defined in the parent
    won‘t be executed in the child. (In the previous version,
    the at_exit blocks defined in the child weren‘t be executed
    at all.)

  • Added File#chmod(0600), so the temporary file with the
    intermediate results can‘t be read by other people.