Foreign character problem

The problem I am currently facing is that the Chinese characters that
are posted on my site which are encoded with UTF-8 become scrambled, but
not instantly. After a duration of time the characters screw up.

All my pages on the application are headed with
I attempted to use the solution provided on this page
but it did not fix the problem.

I also attempted to use this solution,

, but obviously for .rhtml type files instead and encoded with
“text/html; ; charset=utf-8” to see if maybe it was mongrel that was
having problems. This did not work either.

The strings I am obtaining are from a database encoded with “utf8” and
in my database.yml file the encoding is set to utf8

Here are the versions I am using are:
ruby 1.8.7
rails 1.2.6
mongrel 1.1.3

Here is what happens to the text.
I tried to paste it but it seems to be unreadable here.

One last attempt at getting a reply, as I mentioned previously I obtain
the strings from my database and what seems to be the problem is when
the site grabs the data, the encoded utf8 characters are scrambled and
show squares but in the database they look normal.

You should try rubyonrails-talk, as they know more about Rails over