For the gamers out there

Well, today seems to be the day of advertising your new site, so I
thought I’d toss mine in as well.

This is a small site that I’ve been working on for Everquest II guild
support. The intent is to build a guild collaboration site which
encourages guilds and players to cooperate rather than the ones that
currently exist. Most of them seem to encourage guilds to compete.

This is written in Ruby on Rails, of course. It uses PostgreSQL as
the back-end, and I believe is fairly robust. Since this was my
‘learn RoR’ project, I’m certain I’m not doing things in the most
efficient way possible.

Any comments, questions, or suggestions welcome.


What is your server setup? Mongrel? Seems pretty slow to load.
Looks good though.

Part of the slowness is the shared internet connection it sits on,
part of it is the lack of clue with find :all, :include => ‘’ magic.

It uses Apache as a front-end, using fcgi to run Ruby. This may not
be the best way for the future, but for now it works pretty well. I
don’t notice any slowness from this side, but then again it’s 50 feet
from me on 100 Mbps wire.