For technical contributors: Collect your web footprint on Mashedge and put on your resume

First of all, thanks to all the contributors who answer technical
questions in this forum. This forum has helped me many a time as I was
building my website with ruby-on-rails. I have
always wondered if the volunteers here get recognition and credit for
their contributions here and to open source, I mean in your current
and next job. How do you communicate to your potential employers that
you have answered somebody’s question here or checked in code over
there? What data can you give potential employers for them to evaluate
your web contributions?

It so happens, that my website - - can help
contributors in a tiny little way.
Collect your career-related web footprint - links to your blog posts,
blogs, videos, slideshows, profiles, open-source contributions,
references in news articles, talks at conferences etc in one place.
Capture your web footprint in a Mashedge web book and put the link to
the Mashedge web book on your resume. This helps potential employers
to take a quick look at your web contribution without the need for
them to dig through the search engine results.

Please check out:


Kiran Achyutuni