For my next trick

Hi All,

I now have remote GUI instantiation for Glade and Gtk::Builder working,
but I have a few minor things to work out.

One is that you can keep adding object trees to a Gtk::Builder, but when
I do this I want to be able to connect the new batches to methods of
different objects. Now, I’m guessing Gtk::Builder#connect_signals runs
through all the published signals which means it would try to reconnect
existing ones.

What I want to be able to do is run though all the signals for all the
widgets in the Gtk::Builder and connect the ones that I find
unconnected. Unfortunately, possibly due to incompetence, I can’t find
much in the way of signal management (e.g. Widget.signal#connected? or
something) on in the Gtk class tree.

Can anyone offer any advice about how the Builder manages signal
connection outside the connect_all method? Or, how I can track down
unconnected signals amongst the builder’s widget set.

As an aside, is there a more active IRC channel than #ruby-gnome2 on I’ve popped in there a few times recently and it seems
completely dead.



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