[For Hire] Remote full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

I am an experienced full-stack web developer. My best project can be
seen live here - here is the
story back then.

I solo developed complete websites in the past.

You can find more about me on my blog at the
about section. Make sure to
check my

My normal hourly rate is $30/hour and I can drop it as much as $25/hour
depending on the project’s nature. My rate is low as where I live the
wage is lower than US, Canada and UK. This doesn’t mean professionalism
and quality are compromised.

Feel free to contact Nicholas Tart, my colleague at AwesomeWeb that will
surely have lots to say about me. He is very friendly and approachable.

Feel free to contact me through the contact page of my blog, on my email
or phone (can be found in my CV) or at Skype (ID is stefioan).