For Distributed Build+Test how much Rake, Ruby & Rspec?

How much code would you put into each of Ruby, Rake and Rspec. That is
the question. I’m looking for any feedback on how YOU might distribute
your code for the following ‘application’

I’m using Ruby, Rake and Rspec to automate and integrate our existing
build processes and extend it to produce a complete overnight build+test
system. The steps involved are…

Configure a shared PC-UNIX Clearcase workspace
Build Unix Server(s)
Install one Unix Server & Oracle Database
By scripting the input to our existing installer
Build Windoze clients

Then using mouse-keyboard automation…
Install Client 1
Use Client 1 to Configure Server, DB & other Clients
Install Clients 2-4
Run GUI tests

Each of these steps requires a fair whack of code. And the steps are all
dependent on some prior steps (Rake). And it would be nice to see a
Red/Green report as a result (Rspec). Would you bias your development
toward or away from any of these three environments? They all support
ruby code and I could implement the whole thing in any one of them.

Then there are two confounding problems with Rake and Rspec. Rdoc
doesn’t (seem to) document either of these by default. Assuming I can’t
get any Rdocs for either of these, does your answer change?

And unless I’m missing something (probable) IRB and the ruby debugger
won’t easily handle either a rakefile or Specfiles.

Anyway thats enough late night rambling. I’m happy to read any
commentary about this.

Larry F.