FM receiver in Ubuntu 7.1


I have two computers one with Ubuntu 6.01 and the other with 7.1 . The
fm receiver example with gui, “” works fine with
version 6.01 . However, when I try to run the same example in 7.1 I
cannot control the bars to adjust frequency, volume…etc with mouse
and after a little that window turns into gray. Also I got a message
in the terminal as follows;

Using RX d’board B: TV Rx Rev 3

gr_fir_ccf: using 3DNow!
gr_fir_fff: using 3DNow!

Does anybody know what is the problem? I have recently installed the
last stable version of gnuradio (just as it say in buildguide) to the
computer with version 7.1 by using the binary packages and I doubt its
something related to my Ubuntu version.