FLTK 2.0 for Ruby - beta

Just to announce a beta update to the FLTK2 swig wrappings. This has
been in development for some time, but has not yet been advertised.

Getting closer to a v1.0 (or is it 0.1? :slight_smile: release.

Currently, it is still only available thru SVN, as no rubygems release
is available yet. The software should be considered beta.

svn checkout svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/fltk/trunk rubyfltk2

This beta release simplifies the SWIG wrapping dramatically, fixes a
lot of GC problems and tries to use as much from the FLTK .h files as
possible, as FLTK2.0 is still in development. It adds new SWIG
typemaps for catching potential errors (references and pointers being
passed to functions).

It has ports of all the ruby demos for fltk2 and fltk1.

It has ports of several of Greg Ercolano’s fltk cheats, ported to ruby

It adds a compatibility layer called fltk1.rb to help porting ruby-
fltk1.1 applications.

It adds patches to fix SWIG ruby wrappings (not 100% needed to have
ruby fltk2 working, but will help with their stability) (*)

It adds a patch to fix FLTK2.0’s broken ValueInput (*).

fluid.rb now opens, but it is still extremely buggy and unusable.


  • Make a rubygems release.
  • Finish bug fixing fluid.rb, glpuzzle.rb, qubix.rb, checkers.rb.
    glpuzzle and checkers work, but have some minor bug issues in their
    logic code.

(*) this patches have been submitted to the fltk and swig maintainers,
but have not been merged yet.

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