FlowPlayerLP not playing video

I know this is not the right place to raise this question. But I am
left with no option because I have done googling but could not found
the solution that resolve my problem. When i use flowplayerlight or
flowplayerdark it does play the video. But i have to show the
thumbnail as well that’s why i go with the flowplayerLP. But when i
use flowplayerLP neither it plays video nor it show thumbnail.
My code is like this

<% if not @videos.empty? %>
<% video = @videos[0] %>
<% # video_file_name = VIDEO_LOCATION + “video_” + video.id.to_s +
if params[:id]
ind=params[:id].to_i - 1.to_i
if ind
video_file_name = “#{@videos[ind].id}.flv”
video_file_name = “#{@videos[0].id}.flv”
# + video.id.to_s + “.flv”

<input type="hidden" name="video_file_name" id="video_file_name"

value="<%= video_file_name %>" >
<% end %>

<% @videos. each {|v| %>
<%=link_to v.name ,:controller=>'video',:id=>v.id %> Length: <%= v.duration %> Minute(s)
<% } %>