Flow graph stops after 45/60 minutes (was: Re: Discuss-gnuradio Digest, Vol 142, Issue 15)

Hi Dominique,
please, please, please, don’t respond to digests, leaving the subject
line unchanged; it’s completely impossible to match mails to
conversations without searching one’s inbox. (it’s also in the first
line of the digest…).

So, if you’re running your flow graph for 60 minutes and it produces
250kS/s, that totals to 3.6250MS = 0.9GS.
Now, assuming you save complex float (which is 2x float32), that is a
whopping 8B/S
0.9GS = 7.2GB.

By any chance: How full is your hard drive? Or do you write that data to
RAM? Are you using a file system with a maximum file size (FAT32)?

Again, what you’re offering for debugging purposes is not really much.
However, I can assure you that the file_sink usually works perfectly
over long times. Martin has already given you some hints of what could
be interesting, maybe you could fill us in on these?