Flow graph freezes up


My gnuradio application seems to freeze from time to time. I think that
this issue was raised before (
However, I did not see a solution that would “permanently” fix the

My application works in a repeated on-off manner. The receiver USRP
in the following way:

1.The flowgraph starts. It runs for 5 second while collecting data and
doing some online processing. Thereafter, the flowgraph stops.
2. I do some off-line processing with the stored data for the next 5
3. The flowgraph is restarted and step 1-2 are repeated.

The flowgraph looks like the following:

USRP Source --> Log power FFT --> Vector to stream --> File Sink.

However, the flow graph freezes from time to time. This freezing occurs
once in every 5-10 trials. It is surprising since I hardly see any
in the receiver (I am running the USRP at 4 MS/s and performing 4096
FFT). Besides, I have a python code that pings the USRP every time
starting the flowgraph.

I am using USRP N210, the latest GNUradio & UHD drivers, Ubuntu 12.04.
suggestions on resolving this issue will be very appreciated.



Muhammad Nazmul I.

Graduate Student
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wireless Information & Networking Laboratory
Rutgers, USA.

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