Float version of the Frequency Xiating FIR Filter?

I am attempting to translate a 20khz DRM signal from its default spot of
10khz, to 120khz. The Frequency Xiating FIR does this just fine but it
also decimates
the signal–which I do not want. I want to pass the float input as a
until the final stage at the BlaeRF as my FM transmitter is an all-float
operation as well. Altering the signal at all results in ruining
of said signal. (I also like keeping constant sample-rates throughout

Is there another way to translate frequency in GRC outside of the
all-in-one filter?

Thank you.

On 01/29/2014 07:24 PM, Jordan J. wrote:

Thank you.

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YOu don’t need to decimate on that filter at all. And, I think that
you’re confused about what decimation means. It has nothing to do with
data formats. It has to do with sample-rates.