Fleximage undefined method

I’ve just tried to follow the tutorial on the wiki, but i’m running
into a problem. On my “view” page, I’m receiving this error:

undefined method `formatted_photo_path’

… around this line:

<%= image_tag formatted_photo_path(@candidate, :jpg) %>

Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t know this tutorial, so a link would help.

But this kind of error normaly happens, if your
routing isn’t setup correctly.

You should have something like
map.resource :formatted_photi

in your config/routes.rb

rake routes

on the command line gives you a list of routes
defined in your project

Ok thanks. Will check the routes later on today.

BTW, the tutorial I was talking about is here:

Doens’t mention modifying my routes to get the plugin working.

Anyone who has used fleximage seen this before?

The problem is that the tutorial doesn’t mention you need to change
the name of that method as appropriate. In your case it’s likely to be
formatted_candidate_path, not formatted_photo_path.