Fleximage problem


I’m using squeegy fleximage for image upload and rendering. My
controller action code looks like this :

def showimg
@promo = Promotion.find(params[:id])
respond_to do |format|
  #format.png  { image_tag @promo.file_path(@promo) }
  format.html { render :inline => "@promo.operate {|p| p.resize

‘30x30’}", :type => :flexi }
#format.xml { render :xml => @promo }

However I’m having much difficulty rendering the image; I’m using the
following code in my view ;

<%= render_component(:controller=>'promotions',:action=>'showimg',:id=>promotion.id) %>
And this view actually doesn't correspond to the correponding view of the above controller action code.The url corresponding to the above controller action however displays very well my image, but I'm having very much difficulty to display it in this view. Instead of having my image, i'm having some binary data, quite a messy thing. I'm asking myself whether this doesn't have to do with the respond_to format.

Does anyone know what’s the problem exactly ?