Fleximage: hsowing image from db, need help

For a few days I am struggling with Fleximage.
Current problem is:
I want to show image, loaded in database. I want, but I cant.

In account model (acts_as_fleximage) there is a field image_file_data,
images are stored there. (Images are good, I can see them with MySQL
Query Builder)

I want to show picture in edit view.
What is done:

In account_controller there is a method:

def image
@account = Account.find(params[:id])

in account/edit view:

<%= image_tag url_for(:action => ‘image’, :id => @account) %>

In html we have: (2 is id, it’s right id:))


But, in place i expect to see picture, i see number “2” in square.

What am I doing wrong, or missing?
One bad thing: if in “image” method i use @account.has_image?,
in web server log i see that error:

script/server: No such file or directory - cl -nologo -LD -MD -Zi
-O2b2xg- -G6 -I c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-mswin32 -I c:/ruby/include
-Lc:/ruby/lib -o “C:\Documents and
Settings\USER/.ruby_inline/Inline_ImageScience_aa58.so” “C:/Documents
and Settings/USER/.ruby_inline/Inline_ImageScience_aa58.c” -lfreeimage
-lstdc++ -link /LIBPATH:“c:/ruby/lib” /DEFAULTLIB:“msvcrt-ruby18.lib”
/INCREMENTAL:no /EXPORT:Init_Inline_ImageScience_aa58

Thank you for your answers!