FLEX900 daughterboard not working with usrp_oscope.py


I have a FLEX900 daughterboard using with the USRP board. I am trying
run usrp_oscope.py, an example program contained within
gnuradio-examples-0.7. I have installed the latest usrp updates from

First, usrp_oscope would not run due to incomplete definitions for the
FLEX900 board in the file db_flexrf.py. There was a divide by zero
because gain_range was not defined for the FLEX_900, and another error
because power_on method was not defined.

I don’t have a schematic (it’s not available yet), but comparing the
FLEX2400 and FLEX400 BOMs to what I see on the FLEX900 board, it looks
the FLEX2400 is most similar. (Admittedly, just a guess, but i’m
controls will be similar.) Looking at the other daughterboard code
the file, I added the following to db_flexrf.py:

class _900_common(_AD4360_common):
def freq_range(self): # I added this based on
return (800e6, 1000e6, 1e6) # how the other boards are set up.

class db_flexrf_900_tx(_900_common, flexrf_base_tx):
self.power_on = POWER_UP # I added this based on
self.power_off = ~POWER_UP # how the other boards are set up.
class db_flexrf_900_rx(_900_common, flexrf_base_rx):
self.power_on = POWER_UP # I added this based on
self.power_off = ~POWER_UP # how the other boards are set up.
def gain_range(self):#I copied this from flexrf_2400_rx to fix a
#divide by zero error, don’t know what the
#should really be.
return (self._u.pga_min(), self._u.pga_max() + 70, 0.05)

These changes eliminated the errors and the o-scope application comes
displaying the window with adjustment controls, etc. However, the grid
lines and vertical scale are not being displayed, and no signal is
displayed. It’s just blank. In addition, the application doesn’t close
properly, it hangs. This behavior in contrast with no daughterboard
installed, where I can see the noise on channels 1 and 2.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I adjustments I may still need to
for this particular daughterboard? Anyone have the schematic for this
board (FLEX900)? It is not yet available at

Finally, is there a favorite IDE for python that allows stepping,
breakpoints, viewing variables, etc. Thanks for any advice or tips.

Best regards,

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