Flex RF boards + GRC

To those users who reported problems with the flex2400 boards and GRC:

Under GRC, users were having trouble sending simple test tones between
flex2400 boards. I assume that the other flex boards had a similar
problem. Basically, the USRP source and sink in GRC did not have any of
the advanced flex rf options, which I assume are: “Auto T/R switching”,
“Toggling the transmit enable”, and “Selecting the RX antenna” (any

Reasons for previous troubles and confusions: The RX antenna defaults to
the TX/RX connector, not the RX connector (you may have used the wrong
sma connector?). The transmit enable was not called (transmitter in an
unknown state?). Now I have added these options and your confusions are

I did a simple transmit and receive tone test on the 2400 boards. If
anyone can verify that other boards (flex or otherwise) works, that
would be great to know.

Its in the trunk:
svn co http://gnuradio.org/svn/grc/trunk grc