Flash Problem In Functional Test

I’m having some trouble with functional tests for a Rails application. I
recently upgraded to version 1.1.2 of Rails and I have since noticed
that I have a problem with flash notices in my functional tests. I’m not
saying that the upgrade is necessarily the cause but the tests were
working before. When I run the tests now and I expect the flash to
contain a particular message I find that it’s completely empty. I know
the method that inserts the message into the flash is getting called and
the statement that makes the insert is being executed - its just not
there when the functional test examines the flash.

This may be something completely obvious that I’ve missed (and if it is
I apologise in advance) but I’ve searched for a solution and so far have
found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You have probably encountered the behavior that has spawned a number
of bugs in the tracker and this blog post: http://blog.craz8.com/

Benjamin C.
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