Flash messages after delete

please help me about this code. the second part is not working.

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#delete_data_<%= params[:data_id] %>").fadeOut(300, function() {
$(this).remove(); // this part is working.
$(“a#remove_f_list”).bind(‘ajax:complete’, function(){
alert("<%= escape_javascript(flash[:notice]) %>");
//alert(“Successfully removed from datalist.”); this part also working.
$(’#notification’).showTopbarMessage({ close: 2000 }); // but this
part does not work

$(’#notification’).showTopbarMessage({ close: 2000 }); this part is
jquary plugin and the name is ‘juery.topbar.js’ .

and this is view part
#notification{:style => “display: none;”}
#notice{:style => “width: 100%; position: absolute; height:
20px;padding-left: 50%;”}= notice

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