Flash.keep not working with render_component


Using Rails 1.1.2 and ruby 1.8.4

I’m having a weird issue with the flash when using render_component for
an action inside different controller than the one from which you
render. I’m passing an object via flash across a couple of actions (new
and create) behind the scenes using flash.keep(:object). It works fine
if the component I’m rendering is in the same controller from which it
is being called, but if I try to render a component from a different
controller, the flash is somehow getting cleared (despite flash.keep
being used in both rendered actions).

I know there was a bug with render_component and flash back before 1.0,
but it looks as though that has been fixed. Anyone else run into this?


Agh… nevermind. Found the issue. Silly mistake. Exceptions for things
that go wrong with render_component can be a bit misleading.