Flags / xml to supress Add throttle warning?

I’ve built an OOT for some physical SDR hardware.
However, when compiling a flowgraph in gnruradio-companion
it prints a warning message about no audio or rf sink, so please
insert a throttle.

Since my module actually paces the samples in hardware, I don’t
want a throttle. How can I supress the warning message?

Looking through some GRC blocks, I’ve found two tags:


and another is


Reading the documentation that discusses XML tags in the block,
it doesn’t mention these tags, or what they do. Is one of these the
correct way to suppress the flowgraph compile warning?

– Tom, N5EG

On 08/24/2015 11:26 PM, Tom McDermott wrote:

– Tom, N5EG

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I think the newer way is to use throttle

But for backwards compat, you can use 1

It’s an indicator to GRC that this block provides a flow-regulated data

Thanks. throttle it will be … (works fine).

– Tom, N5EG