Fixtures wishlist

I’m sure this has been mentioned on the group before, but…here’s my
fixtures wish-list

  1. per “test” fixtures
  2. within the fixtures be able to run some arbitrary Ruby code (like a
    function at the bottom of the yaml code that is run after loading up the
    fixtures–that would be nice).
  3. “cross-linking” among fixtures ala
    id: 3
    user: User(:bob)

ahh that would be so nice.
Any thots?

For #1: You could try the Fixture Sets plugin, although I haven’t needed
this personally. One set is enough to worry about, but to each his own:

For #2: Fixtures are evaluated with ERB. Just put some ruby between <%
and it will execute.

For #3: Try the Fixture References plugin:

Also if you want to dump your existing database tables to yaml fixtures,
the AR Fixtures plugin -

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