Fixtures load bug?


I’m using rad rails v0.7.2 and the last version for ruby,
When I enter the rake task db:fixtures:load with a specific FIXTURE x
the data get loaded but in the development database !!!

even if In my config/database.yml i have

adapter: mysql
database: Db_development
username: root
password: somePassword
host: localhost

adapter: mysql
database: Db_test
username: root
password: somePassword
host: localhost

Is there anyone who can tell me what i do wrong ?

that’s exactly what it should do. load te data for development.
the test db is only used when you run the tests.

when you load it make sure to specify the test environment [though I
agree–you’d think it would default to test, but rails by default
always defaults to development]. Phew that’s a lot of defaults.
rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURES=x RAILS_ENV=test [I think–look it up, though, just in case].

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 3:33 PM, Ifrit Al3ifrit