Fixtures Error With Rails 2.1 (and 2.0.2)

I have begun to use the reference function feature of sexy migrations,
and I have noticed that the fixtures are actually not playing nice
with this new feature.

If I create a model, whose table has this line:
t.reference :user

the fixure will look like


when it should be user_id, now, it may be possible (I don’t know, to
define an object in the fixtures now, but when I run my unit tests I
get an error trying to populate a ‘user’ field in my database that
does not exist. So, that seems to me like its not being very

…or am I missing something?

On Jun 4, 12:01 am, “Derek P.” [email protected] wrote:


Just user: is fine, as long as that model as a belongs_to :user


t.references (not reference)

t.reference is working for me :confused:
ie: I am actually getting the proper foreign key created and

I may not have had the belongs_to though, good call.