Fixtures and table name

Is there a way to use table name other than the default or to turn it
around have multiple fixture files associated to the same table.

Here’s my use case: I have multiple unit test classes that all work with
the same model class and hence the same database table. However, for
each test class I want the data to be in a different state.

So I’d like to have something like

class ModelATest < Test::Unit::TestCase
fixtures :models_a # use file models_a.yml for table models


class ModelBTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
fixtures :models_b # use file models_b.yml for table models




You probably want something like this:

It’s scheduled for Rails 1.1, we’ve integrated it into the engines
plugin in the meantime.

  • james

Hey James,

I’m desperately trying to use your implemntation of flexible fixtures.
Here’s my line :
fixture :scr_commit, :table_name=>“salesconfigreporting_history”,

But the fiixture data is not loaded when the test is run.
I’ve tried the data on a standard #fixtures call with the standard
and it works OK.