First time with Ruby - how to print "Hello World!" via web-server

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The closest “answer” I could find was that unlike HTML/PHP, Ruby needs a
specific file structure (controllers, models, views) but still - neither
of the 30+ tutorials I’ve browsed through tells me:

  • How many files exactly do I require for a simple “Hello World!”?

You should google for tutorials on installing ruby and rails on your
computer and then how to create a rails project via the console using
‘rails new’ command. This command creates an app structure and then
such a tutorial will show you how to render a page, or better, show you
to create a simple CRUD model.

So your steps are:

  1. Install ruby and rails locally
  2. Genearate a project: ‘rails new myproject’
  3. Create some content
  4. Deploy somewhere. I recommend you use Heroku as it will be the
    way for you to get something on the web. → If you’re looking for a Hello World
with Ruby (independent from Rails)

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