First Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem (Brussels, 23-24 Feb 2008)

The Belgian Ruby U. Group organizes the first
Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem 2008 (Brussels, 23-24 February 2008).
We are calling on presenters to propose an abstract for a presentation
in the Ruby and Rails devroom. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  * Ruby
          * Tutorials (installation, basic Ruby, advanced Ruby,
            metaprogramming, DSLs, testing, design patterns,
            Rubygems, C-extensions, ...)
          * New developments (Ruby 1.9, Ruby 2.0, YARV, JRuby,
            Rubinius, IronRuby, ...)
          * Important/interesting libraries (your own, other’s,
            HOWTOs, demos, ...)
          * Technical showcases (interesting applications of Ruby,
            challenges, solutions, ...)
          * ...
  * Rails
          * Tutorials (installation, basic/advanced web app design,
            good practices, ...)
          * New developments (Rails 2.0, ...)
          * Important/interesting plugins (your own, other’s,
            HOWTOs, demos, ...)
          * Technical showcases (interesting applications of Ruby,
            challenges, solutions, ...)
          * ...

We accept 10 minute lightning talks, 30 minute regular talks, and 1 hour
tutorials. Please indicate the preferred length of your talk/tutorial in
your proposal.

Please send your abstract to [email protected] before 7 January
2008. It will be reviewed by the program committee and you will receive
a decision by 14 January 2008 if your presentation is accepted.

The program committee that will evaluate the proposals is comprised of:
* David Delabassee (Sun)
* Laurent Richard (Free Software Consultant)
* Tom Klaasen (10to1)
* Peter V. (XaoP)

Entrance to the Fosdem conference and devrooms is entirely free. Sorry,
we cannot give any travel grants to foreign visitors (local hospitality
with one of the organizers is possible to save hotel costs). In past
years, approx. 2,000 people visited the Fosdem conference. More
information on Fosdem can be found at .

For all further information, check this page: .


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