First public release of RubyJS (0.7.0)


I’m pleased to announce the first public release of RubyJS (a Ruby to
Javascript compiler) and the availability of RubyJS as a RubyGem:

gem install rubyjs

rubyjs -h

 Usage: rubyjs_gen [options] [file, [file, ...]]
     -r, --require LIBRARY            Require the LIBRARY before
                                      executing your script
     -I, --load-path DIRECTORY        Specifies load path
     -P, --platform PLATFORM          Specifies platform
     -m, --main CLASSNAME             Entry point
     -e, --eval STRING                Eval code
     -a, --append JSCODE              Append Javascript code
     -o, --output FILE                Filename to write output to
     -O, --opt OPTION                 Set a specific compiler option
         --show-options               Show all compiler options
     -d, --debug                      Turn on debug mode
     -h, --help                       Show this message

To see it “live”, execute it’s test-suite inside your browser:

Or go to it’s project page (where you can’t see much atm):

Right now there are only two (small) examples (which you can find in the
examples/ directory of the distribution):

The generated Javascript code has been tested on a variety of browsers,
including Firefox 2.x, Opera 9, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 (and
Safari 2, Konqueror in the past). It even runs on a mobile phone as
is demonstrated here:

There is a Google Summer of Code project application (which I hope will
be accepted), whose plan is to port Google Web Toolkit to RubyJS.

Best regards,


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