First page

Hello all…

I am new to ruby development…

I have completed the connection to Mysql and installation and i got the
welcome page.

Next i want to make a page with some user details and i need to save the
data in to table…how can i use text box, combo, option button, check
box, and use of button in my html page?

How can i get data from these controls to save or get in another page?
how the flow is going…??

i didnt get a good tutorial regarding this… Can u help me out for

Sorry for the simple question


Thanks shahroon ,

Thanks for the post. Badly i need to know that, Once i create a form say
html, So once i click or do an action wat will happend exactly?? Is it
come to controller firest and then to view?? i want to knw this basic
thnings…without using model and scaffold can i do the functions
search, delete etc by using query like we use in php website?? and u
have any tutorial for this??


Well this is very simple, Its nice to here that you have done almost all
initial work. Just follow the following steps given on the following

this will guide you through the whole flow of ROR. And I am going to
a very helpful book soon.


Shahroon Ali K.
On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 1:38 PM, Rohith Nair <

You are always welcome:
Well Rohit I have uploaded a very handy book on my Blog

answers of your most of questions will be cleared from there and if
you still have any queries …you can ask me any time.

Thanks & Regards,
Shahroon Ali K.