Firmware question


I just started messing with some USRP2’s that I received. I think I have
read that the standard load on the SD card is not compatible with the
XCVR2450. Is that true?

I am assuming that is why the does not work - It can’t seem
to set the frequency (I tried 2400M). It did come up with 2400000, but
indicated that setting had failed.

I tried programming the SD card and it seems to work, but I suspect that
I’m not really doing anything. I used the -v in the u2_flash_tool
command. I have 5 USRPs, so and I verified that behavior is the same
with a couple of the units and cards.

Here is the command that I used:
sudo ./u2_flash_tool --dev=mmcblk0 -t s/w
~/Desktop/txrx_xcvr_edk10.1_3.3git-645-gb811e87.bin -w -v

Also, do I need to change the FPGA code as well?


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