"FireRuby" (Ruby script for FirePHP)

Hello group

Since I couldn’t find anything regarding a ruby version of the
FirePHP.class.php for FirePHP so I wrote something myself. I’m just a
hobbyist so it’s not the Fine Art and it’s not really festure rich
(yet). But it works for the basic console.log(msg) thing. For plain cgi
as well as with webrick. If anybody is interested you can download it
here: http://banza.net/fireruby/fireruby.tar.bz2

I hope I didn’t reinvent an existing wheel. Comments or hints to an
existing script are of course very welcome.

Regards from Berlin, TNT

CGI: _________________________________

require ‘fireruby’
console = Fireruby::CGI.new
console.log ‘HMMMmmm…’
console.info ‘Übrigens…’
console.warn “Achtunk!”
console.error “Scheiße!”

WEBrick: _______________________________

server.mount_proc(‘/firetest’) do |request, response|
response.fire_log ‘HMMMmmm…’
response.fire_info ‘Übrigens…’
response.fire_warn “Achtunk!”
response.fire_error “Scheiße!”
response.body = “…”