FireRuby 0.4.1 and blob data


First, I would like to apologize if I am skipping any vital steps in my
ignorance. I am currently building a GTK application using Ruby, a small
data retrieval and storage thingie that deals basically with drag and
visual associations between data. A central part of it demands that I
retrieve an image from a Blob column in a Firebird database to feed a
The issue I’m having is this: using blob_data.to_s locks up Ruby, and
blob_data.each raises the following exception:

./lib/sign.rb:19:in `each’: Error reading blob segment.
segment buffer length shorter than expected
segment buffer length shorter than expected

I had tried a couple of weeks ago to import data into a blob column
FireRuby, and retrieving them later resulted in 0 byte images. The
made me rewrite what I had in Python, just to get the job done – which
regret, since it has delayed this question and made me write Python. Am
doing something fundamentally wrong, is there anything I seem to be
forgetting? I’m using FireRuby 0.4.1, Ruby 1.8.4 and Firebird 1.5, and
data is certainly there, I can get it back fine using other methods.

Thanks in advance for reading this. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t mean to bother, but… anyone?

Try the author, who can be found at

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