Firendship representation in rails

I want to represent a social graph in my facebooker application.
I have a class user and I want to connect each user to his friends using
many-to-many. I am planning to support other networks in the future so I
have to keep that in mind

what’s the best way to implement this ?

My idea is to create a friendship table that holds user_id, user_id and
create a has_many :through relationship.
I’m not sure how to do it when the two models are the same.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :friendships
has_many :users, :through => :friendships
class Friendship< ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :User
belongs_to :User #?

create_table “users” do |t|
t.column “name”, :string

create_table “friendships” do |t|
t.column “user_id”, :integer
t.column “user_id”, :integer #?

another question.
since it’s a mutual friendship some entries might be :
user_id, user_id :

preson1, person2
person2, person1

is this duplication a problem ? how do i handle it ?

Hi Gady,

The RailsSpace application code could help you a lot on this matter as
it has the exact same structure.

You can get it there
The book itself would probably be of great interest if you’re going to
build that kind of community :slight_smile:


On Apr 15, 11:16 pm, Gady S. [email protected]

Gedeon wrote:


is this duplication a problem ? how do i handle it ?

Duplication is always a problem.

You might simply force the person1_id being less (or equal for narcissic
people) than person2_id.


Good starting point is the source their.

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