Firefox JS Console unusable


Hello, I wonder if somebody else is experiencing the same problem :
Firefox’s Javascript console is unusable with RJS or Scriptaculous
Every time I want to use it for debugging purpose (evaluating $ or $$
calls for example) I get a message stating that a script on the page
must be stopped. If I stop that ‘script’ (which script it is ?) the
console is responsive but I can’t evaluate nothing (seems like Prototype
is gone away from scope), and if I don’t stop it the console stay frozen

I really need to investigate some RJS/Ajax/Scriptaculous/Prototype piece
of code, how can I do ?

I’ve tried disabling almost all the extensions of FF, without success



Get the firebug extension, or my new favorite tool a javascript console bookmarklet
with tab completion, and command history. There’s also a fullblown
javascript debugger extension, venkeman.



Fine ! Thanks a lot - Firebug is really GREAT compared to original
console !