Firefox 3 + prototype 1.6.2 + shortcut = failed

Hi all,

On firefox 3, the following code always return an error:

var account_id = $(account_request_id).value;
—> account_request_id is not defined

But the DOM account_request_id is present in the page and this code is
working with IE and Safari.

Do I miss something ?

shouldn’t that be:


Thorsten M. wrote:

shouldn’t that be:


That’s it. Everywhere in Prototype and Scriptaculous book, they are
using ’ instead of "

Hi, I’m using both FF 3.0.1 and the following works for me:
$( ‘element_name’ )


$( “element_name” )

However, the following doesn’t work in Prototype 1.6:

$( element_name )

This may have worked in Prototype 1.5.

Good luck,


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