Finding information

Hi all,

I am trying to add a block which does an extra clever work. This needs a
sound knowledge on editing several subdirectories like swig, grc and
cmakefiles.txt etc. as you have stated in the out of tree modules page.
kindly share about where can I learn about editing them.

Thanking you in advance.

with regards
sudarshan kumar m p

Hi Sudarshan,

we’re not really hiding any information there – basically, the trick
would be to look at other OOTs, experiment yourself and come here if any
specific questions arise.

However, “does an extra clever work” doesn’t really explain why you’d
need to divert from the “standard” workflow as explained in the Guided
Tutorials [1] – if you haven’t read those, I recommend doing that; it’s
a quick and fun read if you already know half of the stuff in there, and
it explains a lot about how things work together, so it might even
answer your questions :slight_smile:

Best regards,