Finddef - find methods in textmate

i you have an java/eclipse background like me and missing a “show
declaration of method” in textmate, then you should checkout finddef.

finddef is a textmate command to quickly find method definitions over
multiple source files (including project, rubygems or usersupplied

Is this different from RubyAMP’s functionality?

both provide a find-method functionality (and rubyamp a lot more).

i am not very familiar with rubyamp, but looking at the code i see the
following difference:

uses the “selected word” / “cursor position” to lookup the method
definition by pressing “^-”

prompts you for a “methodname” to search for

imho is pressing “^-” much simpler than entering a complete methodname
to search for.

finddef will find method definitions in the open project, rubygems and
in an usersupplied searchpath if you wish - i have not used rubyamp,
so i do not know if this is a difference between the two.