Find.prune if ( filename!= ".java") is odd?

Hi all.

Today I had to do a recursive touch on all Java files in a certain
directory. Since I recently found that super cool ruby Find example I
figured I’d use that. However, my first try at a solution didn’t work.
In the end I just changed the script a bit and now it does work as
intended, but… I really don’t understand why the first version of the
example didn’t work… It’s the Ruby 1.8.6 1-click-installer version,
if that matters.

require “find”

Find.find( “c:/usd70.senior.2008.04.14.copy” ) do |filename|
Find.prune if filename == “.”
Find.prune if (filename.size < 6) # shortest interesting filename ==

first try, if I don’t comment-out the following line it just does

not work as intended…
#Find.prune if ( filename[-5,5] != “.java”) # string doesn’t end with
“.java” ?
#touch #{filename}

touch #{filename} if filename[-5,5] == “.java”


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 8:28 AM, Martin E. [email protected]

Find.prune if filename == “.”

What about:

Dir[“c:/usd70.senior.2008.04.14.copy/**/*.java”].each { |f| touch #{f}


On Fri, 25 Apr 2008 07:28:42 -0500, Martin E. wrote:

string doesn’t end with “java” ? #touch #{filename}

touch #{filename} if filename[-5,5] == “.java”


Find.prune is the wrong tool, period.

Find.find will yield all of the subdirectory names as well, and running
Find.prune on a subdirectory will prevent Find from descending into that
subdirectory (thereby saving time and ignoring its contents). But
Find.prune will not jump to the next iteration of the loop. It will
continue to the end of the block before moving on to the next file.

So I think you want
next if …