Find.find bug in 1.8.4?

Hi all,

I’ve just had a problem with Find.find: I was using it to recurse
through a directory tree and calculate the total size of all files. That
works fine, however, in one situation, a record is deleted before the
page loads (this is a Rails app btw) but still displayed on the page.
Long story short this causes Find.find to run on a directory that
doesn’t exist. Now, on my dev machine (1.8.3) this works fine, as
Find.find never enters the block as the directory is non-existent. On
the production box (1.8.4), it raises an exception because the block is
entered, but the file/directory doesn’t exist (so File.size doesn’t
work). Now, this would appear to me to be a bug. Anyone know anything
about that?


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