Find (:all) method

i have 2 models items and categories…in items listing i have category
In item edit page i want to display the title of all item having the
same category name.means when clicking on edit field of one item it
should show edit details and the title of the items which have the
same catoegory can i do this …so i think have to use some
find method or something…then where should i write the code? in item
controller ?then how can i call it from my listing items ?somebody
help me pls…

If you are using rails 2.1 then you can use a named scope on the Item
model like such

== in Item
belongs_to :category
named_scope :same_category, :include => :category, :conditions =>
{ ‘’ => }
then you can do

== IteamsController (i suppose)
def edit
@iteams = Item.same_category
@item = …

and it will do the find for you.

have a look at: #108 named_scope - RailsCasts