(Finally) Launching my Radiant site

Over the weekend I finally got happy enough with radiant and my
extensions to go live:


I’m probably too lazy to actually write up anything I did to get it
going, but you’re completely free to have a look through my extension:


Everything in the extension is specifically tailored for the site. I’ve
been fairly lazy with some of the coding, and I doubt anything in there
will be directly transferable to another site, but there’s probably some
interesting things in there for budding extension developers. You’ll
also need both of my other ‘real’ extensions:

http://soxbox.no-ip.org/radiant/svn/extensions/admin_parts (soon to be
obseleted by the work in the facets branch)

Some of the things that I’ve done are:

  • An alphabet-based Page that divides up pages based on their titles.
  • An ATOM page for producing an atom feed - provides tags to get the
    variables you need for an atom feed, still needs you to write a decent
  • My own custom redcloth filter to make referencing images through
    textile easier.
  • Customisation to the Admin::PageController to preselect the type of a
    child page

There’s more in there, have a poke around.


Hello Daniel, (and List)

That’s a really nice extension to radiant you’ve come up with, I’m
just now starting to look into developing an event management type
application myself (and radiant looks like very nice place to start
from). I suspect this type of extension might be of interest to many
others as well, could you perhaps be persuaded to provide some very
very brief notes about what’s what?

Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be sure to checkout your code, it looks
very exciting. And congratulations on launching the site - it looks



Hey Daniel,

I’m curious, what’s your hosting setup?

Hey Daniel,

I’m curious, what’s your hosting setup?

I’ve got a computer sitting next to my television (that I use for
mythtv) running Gentoo - AMD Sempron with 1gb ram. I’ve got Apache 2.2
with mod_proxy_balancer redirecting requests to a cluster of 3 mongrel
process. Runs over an ADSL connection (512/128). Costs about $80/year in
power, but I’d be using that anyway running myth, so really there’s no
extra costs involved here (it’s a volunteer run site with no