Filtering one data set based on user action from another controller


I am trying to filter the results of one controller based on the
selection (not as a drop-down list) by the user resulting from a click
from the results of another data set (anotherer controller).

For example, I have albums displayed across the top of all pages (as a
partial inserted in the layout) with the code:

<% for album in get_albums %>
<%= ( %> | 
<% end %>

I want the user to be able to click on one of these albums and only
have the pictures from that album displayed below (pictures would be
coming from the picture controller).

What is the best way to store the result of the user click on the
different album name, and then, how do I then get the picture
controller to use that selected album and only return the associated

Thanks, I’ve been looking for the last couple of days for an answer
but haven’t been able to come up with one, any advice would be