Filter_parameter_logging not working?

Well, it looks straightforward, but including the line:

filter_parameter_logging :password

in my application.rb, and in my account_controller is having no
discernable effect. I’m using acts_as_authenticated, with all the
standard stuff from December, '07.

Did I misread the instructions?

From my log:
Parameters: {“commit”=>“Log in”, “action”=>“login”,
“controller”=>“account”, “password”=>“somepassword”,

Is this on your production server? You will need to restart the
running mongrel cluster or apache for it to reload the changes.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I have tried it on both my production and development platforms. And
restarted the server on each.

Sounds like what I typed looks right, at least…

Still haven’t had any luck. Can anyone provide additional advice?

Case closed:

An experience Rails programmer buddy of mine figured it out after
looking at my code. I had two lines in there, not one. The second
line was: filter_parameter_logging :password_confirmation. It was
overwriting my filter for password. When I combined the two lines
into one: filter_parameter_logging :password, :password_confirmation,
it started working.