Filter chain halted as [:check_authentication] rendered_or_r


I have this page that you login in from. You get authenticated and then
bumped over to the appropriate page depending on what your role is:
Traveler, Travel Manager, Admin. All pieced work except for the role
asssociated with Travel Managers who get tossed out, apprarently when
they hit a before_filter to check authenication. However, it seams that
they are properly getting authenticated and moved along correctly in the
grand scheme of things before they are kicked. I get this error:

Filter chain halted as [:check_authentication] rendered_or_redirected.

I recently upgraded to rails 2.1.0 and only after I did that did I start
to see this error. Before this was a non-issue. Anyone have this
experience and how do I fix it? Thanks,



As it turns out, many of my wows was the result of the fact that I
switched from using a webrick server to using a Mongrel server, and
Mongrel servers apperently handle session data differently and was
causing havoc - not to mention bucket loads of frustation - when I tried
to authenticate my users. Long story-short, I need to refactor some
code. In others news Internet Exploder still sucks.