Filling Wx::ListCtrl with contents

Hi all,

I’ve got a question concerning ListCtrl_virtual of wxRuby since I see no
way filling the list with dynamic contents. I’m new to Ruby so I maybe
have to apologise for my request.

The problem is, that I have to define the on_get_item_text(item, col)
function. There I would like to use the item and col variables to read
data from a two-dimensional array. My very problem is, that I do not
know how to transfer the array from another function to
on_get_item_text(item, col) or better on_get_item_text(item, col,
array). I attached a rubyscript showing what I mean.

I would be very grateful, if you could give me a solution of this
problem ― maybe modify my testscript.

And/Or please show me how to use the approach via ListItems because the
at the website
is not accessible. I tinkered with it but it doesn’t really work.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind help.
Kind regards,
der Max