FileUtils changes date of file


I use ruby under WinXP and discovered the following issue.

When I copy a file with the following code

require ‘fileutils’

the date of the destination file won’t match the date of the source
It’s set to the time of the copy process. But it should be the date of
the original file.
How can I get this working correct?


On 14.05.2007 12:16, [email protected] wrote:

the original file.
How can I get this working correct?

First of all: this is expected behavior and is similar to what cp does.
So this is in no way “incorrect” even though your expectation was
different because Windows Explorer handles this differently.

To retain meta data do

FileUtils.cp("file1’,‘file2’, :preserve => true)

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On May 14, 2007, at 7:35 PM, Robert K. wrote:

How can I get this working correct?
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Consider it a difference between copying a file and cloning. Copying
would be the same as what you normally do with a mouse in the GUI.
Cloning would be more like what backup/restore software does with file.
Sure, we can argue that the two things are the same in everyday
language, but it’s all built on the logic of whoever first built the
thing, and we can never really assume much of anything about what
some computer term means.