Filename in file source from GRC and automatic clear reports?

It’s not a critical issue.

  1. How could I put filename which contains variables?

After I define a variable time with a value of 20150609. I want to
a file /my/file/path/sample20150609 as a file source.

In file field (filename) in file source block, how can I refer such a
variable? I put variable name in the field, but it seems the GRC regards
as a string literal.

  1. Every time before I run the GRC flow graph, I want to clear the
    (console log).

I think it is possible if I put something in .grc file in the home
directory. But, I have no idea about that something.


Hi Jeon,

the input fields just take “normal” python, so

“/my/file/path”+ str(time)

should just work; for more complex things, try python’s (quite frankly
awesome) string formatting language


will give you

notice the length of each number and the padding with zero of the hour.

Possibly, GRC tries to figure out whether what you’ve entered into the
text field is just text (and must be surrounded by " ) or python code,
and goes wrong.

  1. There’s no setting I’d know of that would enable that; the only way I
    can find in the source code is View->Clear Reports, which triggers the
    CLEAR_REPORT GRC Action; if you feel like it, you could add a “clear
    reports on flow graph launch” checkbox there and modify the Action that
    happens when you click on “run” to include conditional clearing of the


Dear Marcus.

Thanks for your answers.

I’ve tried and seen that str(var) appears as it is. And I thought it
didn’t work. But according to your answer, it is converted to a string
properly when py file was generated and executed. Is it right?

And for clearing reports, your suggestion is to modify source code of
app itself. I’ll try it later.

Again thank you for your kind answers


2015-06-09 16:13 GMT+09:00 Marcus Müller [email protected]:

Hi Jeon,

I think it’s possible GRC looks for " in the field, so maybe
“” +str(var)

Best regards,


  1. In grc, try the import block with: import datetime
    and in the file name put:“%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M”) or similar depending
    the format that you want. You’ll find a more detailed explanation here:
    python - How to print a date in a regular format? - Stack Overflow


2015-06-09 10:30 GMT+01:00 Marcus Müller [email protected]: