File uploads

Hi all,

I’m trying to add a file upload facility to a project I’m working on but
I can’t work it out.

I’ve read the RoR wiki on uploading files, and the cookbook, but the
examples don’t seem to work for me.

What I have is a model “record” which contains some data. It has_many’s
another model “upload” which should hold the filename, content-type and
size as well as a title for the upload.

How would I go about letting the user upload the file and specify the
necessary information?

Pointers to any tutorials or examples that are relevant to my situation
would be very helpful.



file_column plugin can help u out. just google for it.

KMiller wrote:

Possibly try the attachment_fu plugin!

On a quick glance that looks to be a very useful plugin. It’s late now
but I’ll take a look at it later :slight_smile:


Possibly try the attachment_fu plugin!

On Aug 26, 12:21 pm, Matt H. [email protected]